Laura Cavanaugh

Laura Cavanaugh is an Hawaii state licensed Massage Therapist LMT #9554 and graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Laura helps facilitate change in people’s mind and body when they are ready to change. 

Laura is passionate about learning the most effective ways to help herself and others succeed while feeling powerful and comfortable in their own skin. She practices Self-Hypnosis on a regular basis and loves sharing the technique with others.

By sharing the tools of Massage and Hypnotherapy she helps people create positive changes towards the abundant health, fluidity, strength and pain free life we are all able to experience. Laura seeks out the best teachers and schools of instruction to bring herself and others the most laser like tools possible to the toolbox.

During twenty plus years working as a professional Massage Therapist Laura has noticed people go in and out of hypnosis on a regular basis. Some clients dropped into the hypnotic state while telling her of their chronic body aches and pains or others dropped in while on the table. A few even went as far as to say, “You hypnotized me!” at the end of the massage session. One day a massage client suggested to Laura that she study to become a hypnotherapist as it would add effectiveness to the massage sessions. The client told Laura to go to (HMI) Hypnosis Motivation Institute which, the client affirmed, was the best place to study in order to become a competent, effective hypnotherapist.

Laura took the clients advice and went to the student clinic at HMI for a series of six sessions before she moved to Maui, HI. in 2011. The sessions were dedicated for her to achieve the goal of working for herself as a mobile Masseuse on Maui independently.  In retrospect eight years after moving to Maui and being successful in her goal of working independently as a mobile Masseuse Laura realized exactly how powerful those six sessions from the recent HMI graduate had been for her.  Everything work related Laura had attempted which was contrary to the hypnosis sessions failed to actualize while everything which was suggested as a positive hypnotic suggestion had manifested accurately.  No joking. Laura discovered there really was something to this hypnosis stuff after all.

In 2018 Laura, after having been fascinated with hypnotherapy since high school (a very long time ago) when she read the books of Dr. Brian Weiss, decided to enroll and complete HMI’s distance learning education and completed the course successfully June 2019.

Laura chose to study with Hypnosis Motivation Institute not only because she had received sessions at their student clinic but because Hypnosis Motivation Institute is the only nationally accredited college for Hypnotherapy. Laura has always sought out the best teachers and schools when learning a new modality or skill set. She is confident that HMI has provided her with the best comprehensive training and tools to deliver her clients the most effective hypnotherapy sessions they can find.

In addition Laura is a Reiki Master, Certified Rolf Method of Structural Integration Practitioner, Nationally Certified Massage and Bodywork Therapist.

Laura thoroughly enjoys seeing people succeed and accomplish goals they set for themselves. Most importantly though she enjoys learning effective techniques to help herself and other people actualize their wishes without too much lag time or drama and with laser like focus.

Effectiveness and Convenience are two paramount concerns of Laura’s.  Time is precious and not to be spent in endless hours driving in cars which is why she is thrilled to be able to offer mobile Skype/Zoom sessions to people around the world whatever time of day may work for them. On Maui Laura offers mobile or virtual hypnotherapy and or massage sessions island wide at client’s homes or vacation rentals.

Speciality hypnotherapy areas of focus include chronic pain management, smoking cessation, goal setting, sleep disruptions, sports performance and much more.  Did you know many muscles aches and pains can be due to anxiety and or sleep disturbances? And if you have been told repetitively either by yourself or others (without any underlying medical conditions causing this) that your muscle aches and pains are your chronic pain spots which you are destined to live with…well there you go, you’ve been hypnotized to a belief system.

When Laura is not going on long thought provoking, problem solving walks she continues to be a voracious reader of books, amateur novel writer, weight lifting junkie, yoga lover, night sky viewer, cat walker and student of all things hypnotherapy, New Thought and massage related. 

Massage and Bodywork is the profession Laura Cavanaugh has been practicing since 1996.