Maui Eco Retreat

I get to visit some beautiful places here on Maui by providing mobile Massage and Bodywork around the island.  Yesterday I was lucky to visit the Maui Eco Retreat which is a peaceful lodging place/eco tourism retreat center on Maui’s North Shore.

It is clear from the second you arrive that Kutira and Raphael have created this space out of pure love and kindness.  I had no idea it existed until the other day when I was called by a visiting couple from Australia to provide massage sessions for them.  I checked out the web-site to get directions and learned that I have been using Raphael’s music for years during my bodywork sessions.  If he has been creating most of his music on this property it is clear why it is so powerful, soothing and healing.

I did the massages in the couple’s spacious room (the Dolphin Room)

Español: Delfín nariz de botella English: - Tu...
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and the atmosphere was perfect.  The view of the ocean, rustling of the wind through the trees and the palpable peacefulness on the property is hard to match in a spa environment.  I am always so delighted when people take advantage of the space they are staying in to receive a Massage, CranioSacral or other bodywork modality session in – it does make a difference.

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